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JSC Fauber Chinchilla ranch started in 1994 with 6 breeding females and 2 males.

We have since increased our herd to over 200 breeding females, housing around 400 and are still growing. 
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 JSC Fauber Chinchilla Ranch is located near Hillsboro, Ohio on a small 32 acre farm.  Our family enjoys the rural area.  Living in the country on a small farm has allowed us to have many opportunities we couldn’t have elsewhere.  We have enjoyed many experiences in raising both large and small animals.  We have enjoyed being around abundant wildlife and the great outdoors.  It has been a great place to raise our family.

In addition to raising chinchillas, we have a herd of Angus cattle and a few acres of Christmas Trees.  There is always plenty to do on our small farm.

My interest in chinchillas goes back several years, when I was a young boy.  I used to enjoy the outdoors, hunting and trapping.  I read many books and magazines about fur bearing animals.  I can remember reading about chinchillas and wanting to get one.  Back then the cost of a chinchilla pair was very expensive and our family could not afford it.  The closest I would get was reading about them in a book.

Many years later, after I had started a family of my own, I came across an ad in a magazine I was reading that had chinchillas for sale.  This started to renew my interest in chinchillas.  I started reading up on them again and made some contact with a couple of ranchers to learn more about how they raised their chinchillas and how the industry was doing.  Still having interest to learn more, I began searching for ranchers that were closer to home.

In 1994, I found a large rancher that was just an hour or so from our home.  I contacted them, they sent me some information and I scheduled a time to visit with them.  My wife and I made the trip to the ranch and spent a few hours seeing the animals, discussing how they managed them, and how we might get started. 

It was only a few weeks later that we decided to get our first group of chinchillas.  The whole family has enjoyed raising our chinchillas.  We have had some challenges, but we continue to learn and improve our small chinchilla ranch.  We hope to continue to raise and grow our herd for many years to come.

Rick Fauber

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